7 Healthy Pregnancy Breakfast Ideas

[ad_1] Breakfast ideas during pregnancy that will help you get through your day. Need more energy? What you eat first thing in the morning matters! These meal ideas can help! #pregnancytips #healthypregnancy #pregnancyfood [ad_2]

Baby Cold Remedy: fruit puree | Buona Pappa

[ad_1] NEW VIDEO!! Baby Cold Remedy: apple, pineapple, kiwi fruit puree with lemon, ginger and apple cider vinegar. A delicate and natural remedy to help your little one beat the cold and alleviate the symptoms. And if you are fighting the cold too, try my “magic tea”, a naturally powerful[…]


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Best Broccoli Baby Food Puree

[ad_1] Broccoli is a great way to introduce healthy green vegetables into baby’s diet. Steamed and pureed with olive oil, this broccoli puree is full of vitamins and healthy fats, and so delicious. If you’re looking for an easy green starter puree for baby, this is it! #babyfood #babypuree [ad_2]